Welcome to my First Year Composition (FYC) Blog and Resource Hub

Thanks for visiting! I’m a full-time instructor at the University of Colorado Denver’s Auraria Campus and teach a wide variety of composition courses. This website is my hub of materials for the two FYC courses I teach, Core Composition I and II. You can learn more about the context for these classes and the outcomes by visiting the CU Denver Composition Program website.

The purpose of this website is to share materials with my students and other educators. When I’m actively teaching ENGL1020 and/or ENGL2030, I will blog more actively. Please note that this blog is not directly endorsed or supported by the University of Colorado Denver. The ideas presented here are my own and should be interpreted as such. Some of these assignments were developed as collaborative efforts with other colleagues. Everything on this blog is subject to regular revision.


If you are interested in resources directly related to Multimedia Composition, please visit to my other blog by following this link: http://multimediacomposition.com.


You can connect with me personally on twitter using @npiasecki (https://twitter.com/npiasecki).